Frequently asked questions

What is MPavilion?

We’re so happy you asked. Until 2020, MPavilion has been just what it sounds like: a temporary, physical pavilion located in the heart of Melbourne. In every year since MPavilion started in 2014, the Naomi Milgrom Foundation commissioned a world-renowned architect to design MPavilion, which would then become the centre of a free spring-summer program of talks, workshops, performances, installations and more about art, design and architecture.

But in 2020, MPavilion has evolved beyond being anchored to one fixed site. In a year of immense challenge and change, MPavilion has responded by freeing its program from a single physical space, to opening it up across many spaces, both physical and online. In taking this bigger, more dynamic approach to delivering another season of uplifting cultural experiences to the people of Melbourne, MPavilion has been able to commission more artists, designers and creatives than ever before.

At a time when the need for heightened community safety measures is matched only by the need for greater acts of support, awareness and care, the new, revolutionary model for MPavilion 2020 allows the community to continue to connect with each other, while engaging in the kind of meaningful dialogues that strengthen and nourish a city.

Where do MPavilion events happen?

Before MPavilion adapted its single-site approach to programming into a many-sited model, MPavilion was seasonally located in the Queen Victoria Gardens, opposite the Arts Centre on St Kilda Road, Melbourne. We respectfully acknowledge the Yaluk-ut Weelam as the traditional custodians of the land on which the MPavilion sat, from 2014 to 2019. Yaluk-ut Weelam means ‘people of the river camp’, and is connected with the coastal land at the head of Port Phillip Bay, extending from the Werribee River to Mordialloc. The Yaluk-ut Weelam are part of the Boon Wurrung, one of the five major language groups of the greater Kulin Nation. Though MPavilion 2020 now operates across many sites, not including the Queen Victoria Gardens, we continue pay our respects to the Yaluk-ut Weelam—to their land, their ancestors and their elders, past, present and future.

During the pandemic, will it be safe to physically attend an event at MPavilion?

To make every MPavilion event as safe and comfortable as possible, we have developed a COVIDSafe Plan that involves daily procedures to maintain public safety. The Plan follows best practice of the most up-to-date, evidence-based health advice, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Victorian State Government. Throughout our 2020 season, we will continue to monitor the situation and update our procedures where necessary. As part of this approach, MPavilion advises visitors to familiarise themselves with our COVIDSafe Plan before attending an event, and then follow our instructions, which include practicing good hygiene, maintaining physical distancing while at our events, and staying at home if you feel unwell.

How can I stay COVID safe at an MPavilion event?

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, please:

  • maintain a 1.5 metre physical distance from other people
  • stay at home if you feel unwell
  • get tested if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (or consult your GP)
  • wash your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds (or cleaning them with alcohol-based hand sanitiser)
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow, not your hands
  • follow our instructions when you attend our events

If you’re unsure about anything before you attend an MPavilion event, you can email us, or call us on our COVIDSafe Number – 0492 941 961

While Melbourne is experiencing this pandemic, is there a possibility that MPavilion events could be cancelled?

Yes, MPavilion events could be cancelled if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. Our team will communicate this via the MPavilion website and social media as soon as we can, so remember to check both before you attend an MPavilion event. 

Do I need to register on the MPavilion website in order to attend an event?

It is best if you do. In accordance with the rules of our COVIDSafe Plan, we have non-negotiable capacity limits for our events, so pre-registrations are recommended to avoid disappointment. However, if we still have seats free by the time an event begins, we will grant admission to people who have not registered, until we reach our capacity limit.

How will physical distancing be managed at MPavilion?

All MPavilion venues will feature clear passageways and spacing to make sure you can keep physically distanced from our staff and other visitors at all times. Our entry and exit points will be clearly signposted, and our seats will be pre-set in fixed, physically distanced arrangements for your safety. When you arrive, our staff will assist you with registration, and direct you to your seat. 

Can I attend an event with a family member or friend?

Yes, you can attend an MPavilion event with another person. However, you will be expected to practice physical distancing with them while at the MPavilion venue, at all times (our physical distancing rules exclude carers, and parents with small children). As mentioned above, we also highly recommend that you and anyone with whom you plan to attend an MPavilion event register for a free ticket on our website, before you arrive. In accordance with the rules of our COVIDSafe Plan, we have non-negotiable capacity limits for our events, so pre-registrations are encouraged to avoid disappointment. However, if we still have seats free by the time an event begins, we will grant admission to people who have not registered, until we reach our capacity limit.

Will there be food and drink available at MPavilion?

There will be some food and drink available at our venues on some occasions—you can check the event listing on this website to find out when and where. In accordance with the hygiene standards of our COVIDSafe Plan, all food and drink will be individually portioned and packaged.

MPavilion’s onsite Kiosk offers the best in Melbourne’s summer foodie offerings—from a cup of the best coffee thanks to our friends Three Thousand Thieves (unfortunately due to hygiene requirements, keep-cups are not accepted). Follow Three Thousand Thieves on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and see what they have brewing for MPavilion.

You are welcome to bring your own food—pack a picnic and come spend some time with us!

What if I feel uncomfortable attending events in person?

To accommodate the needs of our whole community, we will feature a significant amount of our programming online. You can see a list of our scheduled live streams, recorded videos and podcasts here.

How is each MPavilion venue kept clean?

All MPavilion venues will be cleaned after each session, and deep cleaned once a week. There will also be hand sanitising stations available at the entries of—and around—each venue.

What should I do if I start feeling unwell at an event?

If you start feeling unwell at an MPavilion event, please let a staff member know immediately. All of our staff have been trained to deal efficiently, calmly and discreetly with a suspected case of COVID-19, so even if you feel only the mildest symptoms, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Once you have alerted a staff member, they will isolate you from the rest of the audience, before working out the best way to get you home safely so you can begin self-isolation. MPavilion management will stay in contact with you while you are tested, and will alert the Victorian Government and WorkSafe for guidance on next steps.

When is MPavilion open?

MPavilion 2020 will open online on Thursday 12 November, and then on site at MPavilion Docklands—located at the Docklands Community Hub Reserve—from Friday 27 November 2020 to 4 April 2021. Our program of free events will be announced in October.

During the season, MPavilion is open for events after 1 December from 9am to 4pm or earlier/later for scheduled events. Our plan is to be in full operation for January, but this will be depend on COVID instructions from the State Government.

When we are in full operation, MPavilion will be open every day—rain, hail or shine—except public holidays. We are also respectfully closed on Tuesday 26 January.

Do I need to book a ticket?

All events at MPavilion are free to attend. 

In accordance with the rules of our COVIDSafe Plan, we have non-negotiable capacity limits for our events, so pre-registrations are recommended to avoid disappointment. However, if we still have seats free by the time an event begins, we will grant admission to people who have not registered, until we reach our capacity limit.

If you are ever uncertain about ticketing, please check event details in the program, or contact us directly on info@mpavilion.org

How do I find out what’s on?

Right here on our website, via the program. Our calendar of events is constantly growing, so if you bookmark this site and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can keep up to date with all things MPavilion (feel free to tag us or use the #MPavilion hashtag, while you’re at it!) You can also sign up here to receive our newsletter.

How do I get there?

Information on how to get to each location can be found here.  

How does MPavilion meet my accessibility requirements?

We do everything we can to make our online-streaming, physical venues, events and material as inclusive and accessible as possible. This is an ever-evolving process, so we welcome any ideas, comments, suggestions or responses you wish to share that might help us continue to deliver programming that is truly for everybody.

More information on how to access our locations and their closest accessible toilets can be found here. 

Auslan interpreters may be booked for individual events—please check event details for information. If you would like to attend an event and require an Auslan interpreter, another form of audio accessibility, or reserved seating, please let us know in advance by emailing info@mpavilion.org. Headphones, tablets and other devices used to assist with communication are welcome.

MPavilion staff are onsite during events to assist with any accessibility queries. Please come and chat to us if you have any questions.

Where are the nearest toilets?

Information on the location of toilets at each location can be found here

Is MPavilion licensed?

We will be operating at various venues, some of which will be licensed. Be sure to check the event page for all information about food and drink at MPavilion.

Is there seating?

In accordance with COVID-19 safety instructions issued by the State Government, MPavilion will have a maximum seated capacity of 50 throughout the MPavilion 2020/21 season. 

If you have accessibility requirements—including audio and visual requirements—please ensure you register to attend and note any requirements in your registration. 

Is MPavilion eligible for CPD points?

Yes, events at MPavilion related to architecture attract one CPD point for attending the event or listening to the audio recording. Please check with your professional association. 

Can I arrange to bring a class or group to MPavilion?

Yes! We’re dedicated to making MPavilion an educational space for all ages, with many events in our season designed to appeal to primary and secondary school students. Our capacity is limited, however, so if you’re planning on bringing a large group to MPavilion, we encourage you to let us know by emailing info@mpavilion.org.

Students and teachers can also download free educational resources about our past MPavilions, including Sean Godsell’s, Amanda Levete’s, OMA’s, Carme Pinos’s, and Glenn Murcutt AO’s. 

Is MPavilion suitable for children?

MPavilion is for everyone—including little ones. Whether you’re looking for something fun and entertaining or something more relaxed, MKids is our series of kid-friendly and kid-centric events. So check out the program to see what’s coming up! All MPavilion locations are pram-friendly—see here for more information on accessibility for each location. 

Can I bring my dog?

Please do! We love dogs. But please remember to keep your pooch on a leash at all times, and be mindful of others—especially young children.

Can I take photos/video inside and around MPavilion?

We encourage it. Explore MPavilion and all the wonderful things happening inside and around the venues by taking happy snaps and artistic portraits. Please remember to be respectful to performers, speakers and other visitors when taking photos or video—and tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to see what you’ve captured. (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MPavilion!)

Can I hold an event at MPavilion?

MPavilion is designed as a civic space, and we love hearing your ideas for events. For the fourth year running, we’ve invited the public to submit expressions of interest for the MPavilion program. Expressions of interest are now closed—we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for the 2020/21 season.

How do I find information about past events?

Missed an event? Or maybe you just want to dig into the many great talks and discussions from MPavilion’s past? Our podcast library contains a huge number of recorded events, spanning right back to the first MPavilion in 2014. 

The recordings are available on the MPavilion podcast, which you can find on iTunes—perfect for educational purposes or your daily commute. You can also browse our previous event programs at each of their dedicated archival websites: MPavilion 2019   MPavilion 2018, MPavilion 2017, MPavilion 2016, MPavilion 2015 and MPavilion 2014.

I’d like to know more about the Naomi Milgrom Foundation.

MPavilion is initiated and commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation with support from the City of Melbourne, State Government of Victoria through Creative Victoria and Development Victoria. For more information about the Foundation and its work, please visit naomimilgromfoundation.org.

What is the Living Cities Forum?

The Living Cities Forum is MPavilion’s sister event and is an initiative of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation. The annual day-long Forum explores the role of design, planning and architecture in shaping our society. In 2019, the Living Cities Forum expanded to be held in Melbourne and Sydney, with MPavilion 2019 architect Glenn Murcutt AO as a keynote speaker along with a line-up of internationally celebrated architects, designers and urban thinkers. For more info and to sign up to receive news about next year’s forum, head to the Living Cities Forum website.