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5 Minutes With: Rose Harriman, MPavilion Program Producer

Having grown up in the UK, our Program Producer Rose Harriman definitely knows how to make the most of the Australian sunshine. This week, we spoke to Rose about her role at MPavilion, her favourite parts of the city, and how she’s been spending her summer weekends.

Tell us about your own experiences of MPavilion – do you have any defining memories over the past 10 years?

Back in 2017, when I was at Melbourne Festival, I worked on an event called Our Place, Our Home, in collaboration with MPavilionIt felt artist and community led, and genuinely celebratory, in a way that is rare and special. It seemed to be presented without agenda; it was allowed to be what it was. I left feeling both connected to the artists and elated from the audience experience.

Walk us through your ideal Melbourne weekend. Where are you eating, drinking, visiting?

How do you choose your favourite place to eat or drink in Melbourne? That said, my favourite thing is to head to one of Melbourne’s many farmers’ markets and buy amazing produce to play around with at home. Maybe a great glass of Australian wine at a wine bar. Almost definitely some hot chips. In the evening, I’d see a show in one of Melbourne’s festivals or arts venues.

What’s your favourite building in Melbourne?

I’ve always liked the exterior of the ACCA building and how it rises unapologetically from the courtyard. When I first moved here nine years ago, the Prima Tower by Ivan Rijavec also caught my eye and I still search for it in the skyline to see what mood it’s in. It appears differently every day.

What are your recommendations for people exploring the MPavilion program?

As someone who is always pushing myself, I’ve learned a lot from this program. One thing I’ll take with me is to ditch the phone and spend a moment looking. If it’s available to you, just sit in the pavilion and watch the way the structure interacts with light. If you don’t think talks are for you, or you haven’t tried them out before, pick a topic you don’t know much about and go. The experience is inspiring and you won’t regret it. Another suggestion is to play with some variety. Pick a few disparate things across the season and come to them with an open mind. It’s free! That isn’t something we can say about much right now.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

Seeing our collaborators doing what they do best. The entire MPavilion team cares deeply, so I’ve also enjoyed pitching in with them to see the MPavilion 10 program over the finishing line since I started the job in July 2023.

Right now, I’m listening to, watching, reading…

I’m listening to Welcome to Your Fantasy, a podcast about the Chippendales phenomenon that was released back in 2021. I’m reading The Bee Sting by Paul Murray and eating it up!

If I didn’t live in Melbourne, I’d live…

In a cottage in the countryside, or back in London. I figure that, as a liveable city, Melbourne is a great midway point!

The MPavilion 10 season runs until 28 March 2024. Explore the program now.

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