WOMXN’s COVID-19: archive and artwork in conversation


770 Collins St
Docklands VIC 3008

Wheelchair accessible

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Image by Queen Victoria Women's Centre

During its era as a hospital, the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre stood as a physical monument to women’s specific health needs by creating opportunities for women in medical professions to care for female patients. Now, the QVWC seeks to connect women and non-binary people through creative and cultural activities.

In 2020, artist, activist and QVWC Feminist Emissary Katie Sfetkidis undertook a year-long archival project documenting the experiences of womxn and gender diverse people from across Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic. Made up of a series of conversations between Sfetkidis and people from varied social and cultural backgrounds, the archive offers space for marginalised people to publically voice their experiences, and unpack how the pandemic has highlighted or exacerbated pre-existing structural inequalities affecting womxn.

In this event, local artist Katie Sfetkidis leads a panel discussion with artists, community makers, legal aid, single Mums, and disability advocates working from home about community, art and feminism in the time of pandemic.