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Multidisciplinary artist & architect Marta Figueiredo, experimental artist and musician Aarti Jadu and musician Jonathon Griggs collaborate to present Windgate at MPavilion.

Windgate is a one-of-a kind musical object, a twisted skyscraper that can be played like an instrument. Poetic and daring, Windgate sings about the alienation and otherness that skyscraper architecture instills in us.

Expect a musical performance that exchanges the role of sound between that which is deemed object and human and that which is electronic and voice. This distinction between object and human occupies Jadu’s thoughts, as “she” aptly considers “her” pronouns in solidarity with object, environment, animal and spirit, in hope for equal respect and rights between all.

The exchange between the two biases will inform the improvisation and invite the audience to come close and interact with the provocations being presented.