James Henry x ‘The Wall Remix: Speaking Truths’


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The Wall Remix

Feel the freedom! From the glorious grassed landscape of the Queen Victoria Gardens Naarm, James Henry’s smooth folk melodies, energised with pop rock, offer the sweet salve of a life of pleasure. This is grounded bliss, a promised land.

A flashback to 2020 and the Black Lives Matter marches, ‘The Wall Remix: Speaking Truths’ introduces Blak (Carissa Lee) who reinterprets Pink Floyd’s 1979 rock opera ‘The Wall’ through a First Nations lens.

Confronting systematic structures of domination—including politics, education and the media—‘The Wall Remix: Speaking Truths’ explores questions around isolation, abandonment, dependency, and personal protection. Struggling to dismantle the psychological walls of generational trauma, Blak—like Pink Floyd’s lead character in ‘The Wall’—will emerge from isolation with renewed strength and drive to make this world a better world. Grounded bliss, the sacred land.