The Subjective Conditions of Mapping


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Mapping the New Wave 2016, oil wash, pastel pencil on paper, Felicity Spear

In this workshop, you’ll explore the creative act of mapping.

While maps are generally seen as objective constructions of space founded on scientific observation, the act of mapping is always embedded in the subjective conditions of human thinking. All maps carry within them a certain claim about the world, essentially reconfiguring space to give form to the mapmaker’s perception of reality.

Trying out varied map making concepts and strategies, participants will create experimental maps which reference places of personal significance to them. In creating a map which describes and visualises your subjective experiences, you’ll frame a world through the fixed point of yourself as an individual. This comes with a set of choices, omissions, uncertainties and intentions which is at once critical to, yet obscured within, the final product of the map itself.

With this in mind, you’ll also take part in a conceptual mapping exercise that focuses on a walk through your chosen environment or territory. This mapping process will emphasise the way in which one’s ‘objective’ external reality is fundamentally constructed through the limits of subjectivity, just as our view of the physical world is constructed through the limits of our own sensorium.

This event has been developed as part of the M_Curators, an MPavilion program engaging young makers, doers and programmers. This initiative is made possible by our presenting partner Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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