The Excellent City Series: Designing Resilience


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Image by Lavanya Arulanandam

How do we design to survive? (Responding to a climate and biodiversity emergency)

In 2019, The City of Melbourne declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. The Declaration recognises that climate change and mass species extinction pose serious risks to the people of Melbourne and Australia and should be treated as an emergency.

How does the built environment of our city need to change to help us survive this emergency through hotter days, bushfire smoke, more intense storms and flooding as well as sea level rise?

Come and hear what City of Melbourne is already doing and join us for a deep dive exploring what Design Excellence looks like when responding to a climate and biodiversity emergency.

The City of Melbourne’s Design Excellence Program reinforces the city’s commitment to enhance the function, liveability, sustainability and public contribution of our buildings and urban spaces.

The Excellent City Series explores several key themes that shape Design Excellence in Melbourne.

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