Semi-Detached: New intimacies for familiar spaces


770 Collins St
Docklands VIC 3008

Wheelchair accessible

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Image by Bec Capp

Just like all Melburnians, MPavilion 2020/21 is rediscovering familiar spaces and exploring them anew.

Join Esther Anatolitis with a team of artists and experts and rediscover how to be together in public again with mini-workshops on:

· How to go out: Parbin-ata Dr Carolyn Briggs
· How to meet new people: Telia Nevile
· How to participate as an audience member: Simon Abrahams
· How to gather and make your voice heard: Julien Leyre
· How to dance: Laura Frew

Semi-Detached closes with a DJ set, so that you can apply your new skills right away!