Repairing the City: Green-Urban Interventions and Positive Futures


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Louis McGowan (Background) & Lily Di Sciascio (Collage)

Climate change, the pandemic, and decades of unchecked development have left our city crying out for more meaningful design. As we grapple with the changes of the ‘now,’ and how to re-engage with the urban, questions on what needs to be done to repair our relationship with the city are increasingly relevant.

Join us for an evening of interactive discussion with a multidisciplinary panel, where we explore:

  • REPAIRING THE CITY: What is the current context? What do we want to repair?
  • INTERVENING IN THE CITY: How can we intervene in the city, in order to make it better? What actions can, or need, to be taken? A discussion on urban ecology, human scale, accessibility, placemaking, and participation.
  • TRANSFORMING THE CITY: Is macro transformation needed? Is it viable? What positive futures can be tangibly envisaged?

We invite you to meet with us with your ideas and questions, as we collectively seek to answer the question of how to repair our city.

This event has been developed as part of the M_Curators, an MPavilion program engaging young makers, doers and programmers. This initiative is made possible by our presenting partner Bloomberg Philanthropies.