Re-building and Re-living Memories


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Image by Noah Thompson

Design has the unique ability to dignify and make people feel valued, respected, honoured and seen. Architects and designers are expanding their ranks to serve not only the privileged few, but the general public.

Architecture is no longer a matter of only form, but rather, a matter of what the projects enable.

Join us for a panel conversation that discusses and celebrates the experiences and pro-bono work done by architects with the communities affected by natural disasters over the last few years. Hear about the evolving role of an architect in the broader context—a role that can instigate social and urban change, and support our communities.

Designers, architects, and urban planners are increasingly taking on the task of managing social and political issues of relationships, neighbourhoods, climate change, identity and urban change—rather than just spatial and formal aspects. The role of an architect, or even architecture itself, is continuously evolving in today’s society. How does responsible design contribute to strengthening coexistence, solidarity, diversity and caring for each other?