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64 Ways of Being, Troy Innocent, image by Troy Innocent

We all know what ‘play’ is. But what’s ‘urban play’?

Urban play is a creative strategy to re-imagine, reconnect, remake place and improve societal wellbeing. Everyday places and things such as a local street, park, intersection, a tram, building, river can become opportunities for community activity and social interaction through play. Using it, a city becomes host to a range of platforms and technologies, like location-based games and augmented reality, as well as low-tech interventions like chalk, paste-ups, walking trails and urban art. Playful citizens engage with their town or city in new ways—sensing new ways of being, and finding new spaces for fun and connection through creative technologies and digital placemaking.

Join Parbin-ata Carolyn Briggs, landscape architect Jock Gilbert, digital storyteller Olivia Guntarik, artist gamemaker Troy Innocent and environmental scientist Sarah Bekessy in a conversation about the role of speculative and imaginative urban play in shaping the relationship between design and cities.


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