Placemaking Justice


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Carlton Learning Precinct COLA by Law Architects. Image by Dianna Snape

When what is equal and what is just can often differ, can architects design to honour the rights of all humans, while also hold space for the non-human rights of waterways and animals alike?

Hear from a panel of Australian Institute of Architects industry thought leaders, who will discuss and unpack what design excellence within placemaking for future generations looks like when designing for the moral codes of today—and the changing emotional landscapes of tomorrow.

Yesterday, architects designed for the ideal Vitruvian Man—but thankfully a more nuanced, inclusive and diverse conversation prevails today—or at least it should. Most organisations pride themselves on empathic, environmentally enlightened, values-driven policies—and would be disheartened that their optimistic ambitions have not yet been baked into the DNA of the buildings they create. How can we change this? How do we design for the human rights of the collective, while also acknowledging the undeniable climate emergency on our doorstep?