Parkour vision: mapping the city for play


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Parkour vision, image by Women of Melbourne Parkour

Parkour practitioners notice some places – or parkour ‘spots’ – to be more laden with possibility for free movement than others. During the first 2020 lockdown of Melbourne, the grassroots parkour community created a digital map to share local knowledge of over 300 ‘parkour spots’ across Melbourne, Bendigo and Geelong. This map depicts Victoria’s urban landscapes through the eyes of practitioners who move and play there.

The aim of this workshop is to help you to cultivate your own ‘parkour vision’ (noticing opportunities for play in the urban landscape) and explore how your embodied knowledge of place can be shared with others through mapping. To do this, we’ll start by giving you an intro to parkour culture and showcasing the Victorian Parkour Map. We’ll then get our hands dirty, showing you the basic movements of parkour and exploring Queen Victoria Gardens in small groups. When we reconvene, we’ll collaboratively map the Gardens using the experiential knowledge you’ve gained.

This event is welcoming of all movement styles and ability levels. Please get in touch with the event organisers if you have any concerns.

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