‘Outcry’: performative reading by Alice Heyward, Megan Payne and Jacqui Shelton


770 Collins St
Docklands VIC 3008

Wheelchair accessible

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Image by Jacqui Shelton

What does it mean to dramatically express one’s emotions publicly? What kind of group structure can crying build? And what kind of shared language can be produced between bodies that cry together?

A movement performance, vocal score and video work, ‘Outcry’ explores the act of crying—in its different forms and qualities—as a generative ritual that can produce new states and connections between bodies.

Creating different experiences of time and space, the performers of ‘Outcry’ work to synchronise and syncopate through the movement, sound and affective qualities of their crying. This treatment of crying (a universal, emotional mechanism) creates an uncanny and rigorous meditation.