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At a time when we are faced with increasing friction between east & west, and old & new, the traditional ancient and the experimental modern come together in a collaborative work that references time and traditions, the sharing of stories through spoken-text, and the communicative power of music.

A meeting of music played on a 2,500-year-old guzheng instrument from China, and electronic music borne of contemporary Melbourne, ORIGIN OF YOU (OOY) is a collaboration between Mindy Meng Wang and Becky Sui Zhen—two artists who feel that they are both quintessentially representative of current racial tensions, but who hold the key to bringing their communities together

OOY is a work inspired by Becky Sui Zhen and Mindy Meng Wang’s heritage, family stories and life experiences. Their track ‘Pain’ explores the theme of growing up, losing parents and becoming the carers within our families, and by contrast, ‘Chi’ is an uplifting and expansive piece that describes the spiritual energy flow and spirit that is passed down from generation to generation. ‘I don’t speak your language’ is a response to the racism both artists experience, and is a reclamation of cultural identity.

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