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Nick Mckk

“This is what we need from music – to break down differences between us. To collaborate, to work together. Music is universal. If you preach to people, they won’t listen, but if you just play music, people will follow.” – Ajak Kwai

Music In Exile return to MPavilion this season to present Ajak Kwai performing with her full band.

Ajak Kwai is a name well known to the airwaves, stage, and broader Australian music community for her powerful performances and strong messages that call for inclusion and celebration of the diversity found throughout Australian society. Originally hailing from a small town of Bor (pronounced ‘bohr’) on the Upper Nile in what is now South Sudan, music has always been part of her life.

Performing in English, Arabic, and her native language, Dinka, Ajak Kwai’s music draws upon South Sudanese funk and blues influences and brings together elements of traditional music alongside more contemporary gestures. The result is something notably unique and powerful.