After Party: Long Prawn looks at Hot Bonnet Cooking


34 Little Collins Street

Level 7
(access via lifts on Mcilwraith Place)

Wheelchair accessible

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With a DJ set from SkyLab, Long Prawn reflects on the under bonnet cooking experience they just had, driving from MPavilion Monash to Parkade.

Under-bonnet cooking, sometimes referred to as manifold cooking or even CarB-Qing, is a backwater food preparation method that uses excess waste heat from an internal combustion car engine to heat and or cook food. Hermetic packages of foil, placed on the exhaust manifold and filled with carefully prepared ingredients are broiled, steamed and stewed as the driver racks up their revs. Rather than measuring heat or time, a hot bonnet recipe is gauged with varying distances. For the environmentally conscious driver, it is an opportunistic meal which uses waste energy from one’s vehicle. It is a journey and a meal combined; a resourceful ready-made, waiting for you to pop that hood!

This event looks at how traversing a city and using its mechanisms (car parks, cars, roads) as cooking devices is an act of play. A togetherness explored by conscious and rewarding carpooling. A rethinking of how we travel, what is wasted when we do. 

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*This is the second part of a two part event for the after party only – click here to join the cooking journey from Monash to Parkade. 

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