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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be available online only. Simply tune in via the Watch Now tab on Wed 2 Dec 2020 at 6pm.

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Image by Briony Barr

It’s easy to lament the shortcomings of digital communication, but what alternate forms of discourse does it allow?

The Isolation Improvisation Collective (IIC) invites you to a live-streamed, multi-disciplinary event comprising musicians, artists, dancers, poets, animators and other creatives with a shared passion for innovation and experimentation. Formed in a direct response to the COVID-19-imposed lockdown, the group has met regularly over the past months to explore the possibility of community and cooperation online, developing new tools, methods and a shared improvisational vocabulary.

During this interactive event, you’ll be invited to re-think the limitations and possibilities of online collaboration, playing with the idiosyncrasies of the virtual—such as lag-times and glitch—as creative parameters, rather than barriers to communication. With the performance hinging on a spontaneous dialogue between participants, each performer’s contribution to the piece will allow them to re-connect with other members of the collective. The result will be a totally unique work—something increasingly rare in this age of documentation and digital reproduction—and a re-defining of what ‘live’ performance can mean in a virtual space.

This event has been developed as part of the M_Curators, an MPavilion program engaging young makers, doers and programmers. This initiative is made possible by our presenting partner Bloomberg Philanthropies.