Instrumental sculpture: A performance-panel


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Presented by designer Dr Gyungju Chyon and percussionists Dr Louise Devenish and Niki Johnson, this performance-discussion invites listeners to consider the instrumentality of the 2021 MPavilion ‘The LightCatcher’.

Beneath the infrastructure of The LightCatcher, an instrumental installation that echoes it’s materials and shape is placed, sounded and discussed. This instrumental installation comprises a 2m x 2m x 2m metal-framed cube of hanging instrumental sheet materials (such as aluminium bell plates, steel thunder sheets, metal strips/springs etc) designed by Chyon in collaboration with Devenish and Johnson.

Following a 15-minute performance that demonstrates the instrumentality (or sonic identity) of the materials and form, the three artist-academics will present a panel discussion focussing on contemporary music performance practices that explore the possibilities of instrumental infrastructure and instrumental sculpture.