Infinity Parasite


770 Collins St
Docklands VIC 3008

Wheelchair accessible

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Image by Slow Art Collective

Over three days, you and Slow Art Collective are going to transform Amanda Levete’s pavilion into something new, strange and exciting intervening creatively with the existing architecture with a colourful growth of yarn, bamboo and plant matter: weave, pound, and join! Come for all or any of the workshop days, and witness the slow evolution of this magical parasite, improvised utopian collectivity. These workshops are designed for anyone who likes to make something unexpected, has an experimental spirit or is seeking a meditative experience OR maybe just to let the energy out! No matter who you are or how much craft experience you have, this event is for everyone!

Workshop contents:

—Weaving into architecture: create a weaving/tapestry piece, or string installation around the architectural-loom-frame utilising the MPavillion’s existing structure that SAC will pre-create. Let’s turn the metallic monochrome MPavillion into a woven colourful cocoon.

—Lower pounding flag/shades: create a series of dyed and stamped curtains and flags on fabrics for sunshades, banners, corridors and internal room. By pounding leaves and flowers on second-hand sheets, you create a wild dyed piece of ultra-fine detailed flower printing.

—Geometric-structural exercise: create geometric structures using a new joining system which was developed by TeamSAC and V. Howards over the lockdown period. You will use various sticks and special 3d printed connectors to create a series of structures that mimics the Slow Art methodology of temporary public architecture creation; mini pavilions to nest with the new large iteration of the docklands pavilion.

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