Illumination: Data, Knowledge, & Design


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Place Intelligence, Urban Analytics

Join us for a series of ‘Illuminating Conversations’ with Place Intelligence as they explore the role of data in cities, in public institutions and how its role has changed with Covid-19 and the climate emergency.

DATA AS ILLUMINATION – Urban data experts discuss how new forms of city data make hidden patterns visible and public, illuminating access to knowledge, and how our knowledge institutions are responsible for the ways that ideas move and spread through a city.

KNOWLEDGE AS ILLUMINATION – Cultural and knowledge sector leaders shine a light on the role of their institutions in providing public access to knowledge and illuminating new ideas, and how this role is changing with covid and the climate emergency.

DESIGN AS ILLUMINATION – Leading architects, lighting and interaction designers explore the role of design in illuminating and engaging people in these important public institutions.

Also, on the night, ‘Big Data Model of Illuminating Ideas’ will be showcased on the largest digital screens in Melbourne, revealing the hidden patterns of activity generated by the cultural and knowledge institutions of Melbourne and renders the flow of ideas and inspiration across the city!