Igniting Presence – A forum on Inflection Vol.08


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Image by John Gollings

A discussion by Inflection Journal centred on Volume 08’s theme of Presence.

How does the power of ‘presence’ shape architecture and place-making today?

Black Summer (2019-2020) illuminated the phenomenon of the Australian bushfire as a violent, destructive and uncontrollable presence on the global media stage. The burning, ostensibly catastrophic flame-light of the Australian bushfire has become synonymous with trauma, for its immediately perceivable harmful effects on animals, humans and the built environment. However, Black Summer has also catalysed important discussions on the rich and ancient history of fire as an ecological tool, wielded as a promoter of biological diversity and flourishing ecosystems. Catastrophe can illuminate the ironies and contradictions of an anthropocentric existence and spur us to challenge our approach to reconstruction, erasure, memory and place. In times of disaster or rapid social (and climate) change, how can we understand architecture as a force that exposes unseen conditions? How can proponents of the built environment shine a light on hidden or latent perspectives to reify the power of place, land and people?

Join the editors of Inflection Journal for this MTalks event as they host a multivocal panel of architectural, academic, creative and student contributors to the latest edition of the publication, ‘Presence.’ Through interdisciplinary discussion, this event seeks to uncover the power of presence in contemporary architecture and place-making and to bring together the many voices of Inflection Volume 08.