Heart Is.land_


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Image by Andrew Coulter

Join in a participatory storytelling dance workshop which immerses audiences into an imaginative world exploring where the heart lands to find a ‘home’ land.

Facilitated by creative producer and performer Feifei Liao, ‘Heart Is.land_’ asks questions that have lived in the minds of many migrants who have left the places of their birth to live in Australia: Can we call the land where we are standing now ‘home’? Can we integrate into this multicultural land?

Feifei will do a short dance performance presenting her ‘heart island’. Audience members will then be invited to join a discussion around the human search for connection, before using body movement and dance to consider their relationships between their hearts and where they live, travel, eat, play, study, and who they engage with. How have these journeys and relationships existed since their beginning? How have they shifted during the pandemic?

The workshop will culminate with audience members grouping into small ‘islands’, before each ‘island’ improvises a short dance performance for the whole group.