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F*CKed is a story of four women coming together to sit around a campfire and tell horror stories, however the monsters and ghosts they speak of are very real. Sharing hilarious and embarrassing tales, of cats and tampons and brutal BDSM, a tasteful wine and cheese night is flipped on its head as five very different stories come to light and this group of friends delve into the f*cked up elements that come along with identifying as a wom*n. Writing this piece, we sought to explore the casual ways in which dark topics are often skirted around in feminine spaces, and the ways we as a society normalise abuse against half of our population. Starting as funny monologues, the show alters tone and turns into a glaring commentary on feeling unsafe at times to merely exist in this world. In this show, we ask the audience – whether they are able to relate to the stories or not – to reflect on either their experiences, or whether they are complicit in the behaviour which has become so insidious in today’s world.

Warning: please note that this performance contains themes of sensitive and potentially triggering material related to sexual harassment & assault. 

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