Fashion Show with Outwst


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Outwst 2020 MPavilion Show, image by Casey Horsfield

You’re invited to a mind-blowing, mode-making fashion spectacle beneath the glittering geometries of the MPavilion 2021 pavilion.

After the success of their February show at MPavilion 2020, OUTWST return to create a runway experience that not only focuses on the expression of fashion through style and skill, but captivates your attention by submerging you into different aesthetics.

‘Come join thje’ is centred around the time/reality concept. The pieces that will be shown offer different perspectives of ‘what is real’, while reeling in the audience, who will want to know more of the characters wearing the outfits within the show. It is this exchange between people that gives the clothes life, meaning and magnetism.

5% of the earnings made from sales of the clothing will go towards a Melbourne charity chosen by the OUTWST community.

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