DJ 101


770 Collins St
Docklands VIC 3008

Wheelchair accessible

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A DJ program for aspiring female-identifying, trans, and non-binary talent looking to break into the dance music scene.

Aiming to take absolute beginners to gig-ready DJs, this six-week workshop will cover the basics of DJing, digging for music, working with CDJs, and beatmatching, while discussing the ins and outs of the industry and giving each newbie the tools to enter the industry as a skilled and informed DJ/performer.

Each week will cover a different topic, with various industry guests such as Merve, Emelyne, Georgia Farry (Baby G) and Millú stopping by to give us their take on DJing and some insight into their experience in the music industry.

Facilitated by DJ Sarah, the workshop is limited to 8 spaces, and will be prioritising First Nations, BIPOC, female, GNC, non-binary folk, and those from other minority communities.

See application form here for more information. Applications close midnight, Sunday 1 November.

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