Disability, Human Rights, and the Built Environment


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Image by Ilianna Ginnis

Human rights conventions codify human rights standards. Therefore, the United Nations Conventions on Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), particularly Article 9 – Accessibility, impacts the responsibilities of built environment practitioners. Used here, the term ‘built environment practitioner’ is broader than conventional disciplinary descriptors of architect, urban planner, and the like, signifying all those involved in legislating, shaping, funding, forming, making, and researching the built environment. Nonetheless, built environment designers are integral to built environment accessibility outcomes.

Through curated and interactive conversation, this panel discussion will work towards building the capacity of built environment designers to recognise their duty-bearer and accountability status as controllers of built environment design, however un-empowered they may feel. Rather than exploring the right of access to design expertise, ‘Disability, Human Rights, and the Built Environment’ explores the implications of (disability) human rights principles on designers mindsets and production.