Cognition In Design Practice | Examining disability and dementia through a design lens


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Dr Kanvar Nayer and Ilianna Ginnis collaborate to bring cognition to the discussion table in design practice.

Join Dr Nayer and lianna for a hands on workshop around dementia and disability within design, learning about current contributions and the importance of collaboration.

The workshop will look into the similarities between dementia and disability—including personalisation, the person’s interests, and simplistic forms of communication—and focus on personal strengths and the inclusion of their support network.

They will role play focusing on four personas with dementia and disability, and collaborate—consisting of designers, family members, allied health professionals and other members. We will look at specific personas and create ways in which inclusivity can meet specific individual needs.

Walk away with a greater understanding of cognition, and how this has potential for inclusion—particularly within design and architecture. Hear about a topic that is neglected and marginalised within the structure, and get insight into the diversity of disability and dementia.