City Centre Encounters: The public spaces and people of the post-covid CBD


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The effects of the pandemic on the urban dynamic have included a deep disturbance in the real estate market—reducing rent prices in the CBD and resulting in the consequent attraction of new publics to the city of Melbourne.

As debates are increasing about the residential function of the CBD —and if possible, to say its role as a suburb in itself—we draw attention to a sensitive discussion about the lifestyles, identities, cultures and histories of who make the city their home.

Join us for an evening of interactive discussion, where we ask:

  • Do people who live in the CBD meet their needs and demands within the spaces and institutions found at postcode 3000?
  • Who are the underrepresented groups making their lives in the city, and how are their identities invisibilised by views of a stereotypical CBD resident?
  • What can the current and the incoming population expect from the CBD’s future in the post-COVID era?
  • How is living in CBD a radical act for someone raised in this culture, where there is pressure and social expectations for the fulfilment of “the Australian dream” – a suburban, car-dependent life in a big house with a backyard?

Instead of gathering an audience to sit elsewhere and hear from legitimised specialists about City of Melbourne urban dynamics, we invite you to meet with multiple voices—including researchers—at the heart of the CBD to share your experiences and relations with this place, while together we open our senses to feel the city’s pulse.