Chunky Move Residency at MPavilion Monash


26 Ancora Imparo Way,
Clayton VIC 3800 View map

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Image by Chunky Move

For one week in January, Melbourne contemporary dance company Chunky Move will undertake a creative residency onsite at MPavilion Monash.

Dancers Michaela Tancheff, Jayden Wall and Adrien Tucker will work with Chunky Move Artistic Director Antony Hamilton to explore ideas and performance principles that evolved as part of CHOREOLAB 2020—a workshop led by Japanese performance collective, Contact Gonzo.

Register online to attend in person to watch the dancers respond to the architecture of OMA / Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten’s MPavilion, climbing on and over the site—and each other—in highly physical improvised movement sequences.

Join Hamilton and dancers for a showing and artist talk on Saturday 30 January to get a deeper insight into what they’ve created during the five days, and the choreographic strategies they have employed.

Register to attend in person