Agency Projects presents: UNTOLD


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Image: Burning Country; Sidney Moody, Vincent Nanala, Joseph Yukenbarri.Courtesy: Warlayirti Artists and Lucinda White. Image taken on a NGURRA KUTJUWARRA (Together on Country) trip supported by Agency Projects

Agency Projects are taking over an entire weekend to present UNTOLD: Marking Life, Indigenous reflections on continuing/maintaining/living rituals.

The weekend will bring together some of the leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative thinkers, artists and creatives from across metropolitan and remote Australia to share knowledge and exchange ideas through creative workshops, panel discussions and performances.

The UNTOLD weekend will explore ideas like caring for Country, next generational ceremonial leadership, repatriation and maintenance of culture and relationships through art, culture and Country. 

Agency is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander not-for-profit organisation that celebrates and promotes First Nations art, culture and people on a local, national and international scale.