The Opals

The Opals is a collective of women that collaborate on ambient soundscapes using both improvisation and written composition. Their work rejects the formulaic three minute ‘pop song’ structure in favour of sustained linear, a-tonal synth explorations that embrace the core elements of music, building a rich texture of  instrumentation with synthesisers, bass, percussion, guitar, saxophone and trombone. The flexible model of music-making is process based and communal.

Current players in the collective include established Melbourne musicians: Alice Gaynor (Music in Exile/Gordon Koang), Nell Gray (ex-Exek/V), Sarah Hardiman (Deaf Wish/Moon Rituals), Rebecca Liston (Parsnip/Thibault), Zoe Monk (U-Bahn), Rani Rose (Terrible Truths) and Nicole Thibault (Minimum Chips/Thibault).