Secretary is a Stockholm-based office for architecture. Founded in 2017 by theorist Helen Runting and architects Karin Matz and Rutger, the practice is built on a shared interest in the capacity of architecture to facilitate a dignified life at the scale of the population. Secretary designs buildings, installations, research studies, and megastructures that give form to the late welfare state in the 21st century. Their work has been shown at the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale (2019), the UABB Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (2020), and at galleries and venues across Sweden. In 2021, Secretary published 14,495 Flats: A Metabolist’s Guide to New Stockholm,” and started construction on “Intervallet” a 55-unit, plus-energy student housing project in mass timber, in Linköping, Sweden.