MAP Studio (Venice)

Photo by Claudia Rossini.

Located at Palazzo Foscarini in the historic centre of Venice, MAP studio is a young and exciting practice that considers architecture to be a process of constant dialogue, between client and creative, past and present, environment and inhabitant.

Currently working on the refurbishment of greenhouses in Querini Park, Vincenza, the outfitting of the National Museum of Musical Instruments, Rome, and the restoration of Carlo Scarpa’s Balboni House, Venice, MAP studio specialises in urban renewal and the sympathetic transformation of existing structures and spaces. This is exemplified in works like their renovation of the Porta Nuova Tower in the Venice Arsenale (winner of the 2011 Pietro Torta Award, and nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture—Mies van der Rohe Award), their restoration of a Ferrara Farmhouse (nominated for the 2015 Italian Architecture Gold Medal Award), and their development of the Tramway Terminal in Piazzale Roma, Venice (winner of the 2018 Italian Architect Award). MAP studio has exhibited work at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and was celebrated for its Asplund Pavilion at Vatican Chapels—the first pavilion of the Holy See at the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture.