A sneak-peak at the making of the new MPavilion chair: ‘Stool Dolly’

One of the most inspiring parts of re-imagining the shape of MPavilion for our 2020/21 season has been asking our collaborators for their most imaginative responses to life in the time of pandemic. The response of Holly Board and Peter Grove of BoardGrove Architects was no exception.

While all of MPavilion 2020’s November program will be happening online, December to April will be a blend of both online and actual, real-life, in-person events, held at a number of physical locations across Melbourne. An exciting—but potentially pretty complicated—premise for the designers of the MPavilion 2020 stool. But Holly and Peter nailed the brief.

Enter: Stool Dolly.

You may have already seen (or heard) the description of Holly and Peter’s ingenious, COVID-safe design (where each gorgeous stool is fitted with a back piece that ensures users can stay 1.5m apart while sitting side-by-side). But what you might not have seen yet, are these progress pictures from the BoardGrove studio:

We’re officially on the edge of our seats. And soon, Stool Dolly will be taking to Melbourne’s streets.

But how, you may ask?

Stay tuned…

You can see more of Holly and Peter’s ‘Stool Dolly’ progress pictures on the BoardGrove Architects and Naomi Milgrom Foundation Instagram accounts.