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2021 Uniform Design

2021 Uniform Design

2021 Uniform Design 
by erik yvon

2021 Uniform Design 
by erik yvon

Fashion designer Erik Yvon is known for creating trans-seasonal pieces which are a celebration and a dynamic combination of colour, print, shape and texture. Allured by these bold pieces, we asked Erik to make the MPavilion 2021 uniform!

Drawing inspiration from his origins in Mauritius and the November theme of ‘Island Life’, Erik has created a playful print for this year’s uniform that conjures up sweet memories of summertime by the sea.

In a recent interview, we talked with Erik about his process for designing MPavilion’s latest threads…

MPavilion: Hi, Erik! As the newly commissioned designer of our MPavilion 2021 kiosk uniform, can you tell us what inspires your work?

Erik: It’s very graphic, has lots of colours and is inspired by my everyday surroundings. I always like to collaborate with locally-based illustrators or anyone who is doing cool things around me. So, I tend to work with other people whose work is pretty inspiring but generally lots of colours and graphic prints—usually related back to my Mauritius background which involves a lot of colours and that islander lifestyle. Colour and prints are my go-to.

MPavilion: With that in mind, how did the MPavilion 2021 themes influence your design for the uniform?

Erik: For the November theme ‘Island Life’, I brought in the print with the fishing element. The whole theme was around Australia being an island in itself and then I brought it back to my own experience growing up on an Island. I linked the pattern back to me as a kid going fishing with my dad and that’s the story behind it! The inspiration was definitely the islander life, where I would head out fishing with my dad—which is why I incorporated fishing lures and some fun bright tropical hand-printed elements as well.

MPavilion: Can you talk us through your process for creating the uniform and your choice of materials?

Erik: As soon as I knew it was going to be for the summer period I went straight to cotton, something that is breathable and wearable. I just went straight to a natural fibre that could be washed easily and everyone would be comfortable wearing.

I had to keep in mind the functionality, easy to wash, easy to wear. Something that the wearer would be comfortable in. So I had to ensure the wearers came first to ensure it was comfortable and to keep in mind different body types and shapes.

MPavilion: What role does sustainability play in your work?

Erik: I love to support local. There are many different approaches to sustainability, but what it came down to for me was more about supporting and interacting with my community, so that involves supporting local makers, local illustrators, anything that’s local I’m a big, big supporter of!

We are so proud of Erik’s design, and our team can’t wait to wear them at MPavilion this summer!

Photography by Marie-Luise Skibbe

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