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MTalks—Queer Some Space at MPavilion 2017. Photo by Bec Capp.


For the second year running, we’re inviting the public—that’s you!—to submit expressions of interest to be a part of the MPavilion 2018 public program, happening between 8 October 2018 and 3 February 2019. If you’ve ever wanted to collaborate with us by hosting a workshop, talk, debate, presentation, performance, installation or intervention at MPavilion, now’s your chance.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Anyone who has something to offer our public program. MPavilion is a civic space and cultural laboratory intended to foster discussion and debate about the role design, architecture and culture have in creating a city that is liveable, creative and equitable.

We will look favourably on submissions that interact with the interests and philosophies of MPavilion 2018 architect Carme Pinós, as well as submissions from applicants working, studying or practicing in the realm of design and the built environment. That includes (but is not limited to) the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, fashion, textiles, urban design, urban planning, urban and cultural heritage, design theory & criticism, graphic design, furniture design and industrial design.

We also welcome proposals from dance, music, theatre and performing arts practitioners and community groups.

If you fall outside these categories but you’re familiar with our past programs and think you have a great idea, we absolutely encourage you to get in touch.


Yes. We’re looking to team up with collaborators whose proposals speak to the purpose of MPavilion as a cultural laboratory and civic space; that suit the space both practically and logistically; and that interact with the interests and philosophies of MPavilion 2018 architect Carme Pinós of Estudio Carme Pinós, Barcelona. (Read all about Carme, her practice and her previous work here.)

All events at MPavilion are free and open to the public, and a successful proposal will also take this into consideration. Ask yourself: Who is the event for? Is the topic suitable and interesting to a broad and curious audience? In its past four seasons, MPavilion’s program has featured events across a broad range of topics: art, architecture, design, urbanism, science, business, history, technology, writing & publishing, dance, theatre, music, politics, public space, learning & education, social issues, fashion design, geography & landscape, the future of the workplace, and so much more. Many of MPavilion’s best events have operated at the intersections of these topics.


We love hosting workshops, talks, debates, presentations, performances, installations and creative interventions. Because we try to accommodate a wide range of programming—often with multiple events in one day—we find the best events are the ones that make the most out of a simple setup. (A strong, well-communicated concept helps too.) Carme Pinós’s design for MPavilion 2018 has just been released, and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the design and adapt your event to consider the space as much as possible.

Most MPavilion events fall under the following categories:

  • MTalks—Talks, seminars, panel discussions
  • MMusic—Live music and DJs
  • MMeets—Workshops, collaborative activities, classes and performances (e.g. dance, theatre)
  • MKids—All of the above, but aimed at the young and young-at-heart!

The best way to get a sense of the scale of the project, and the kinds of events that work well at MPavilion is to familiarise yourself with our past programs and collaborators. Browse our current website here, as well as the archived sites for MPavilion 2017, MPavilion 2016, MPavilion 2015 and MPavilion 2014—and be sure to check out our audio library of archived talks and events, too.


This call for proposals is intended to actively open up MPavilion—and the facilities and services that come with it—to the public. Aside from the venue itself, MPavilion offers curatorial, production and technical support; audio recording for talks (and other events by request); onsite staff and available equipment; inclusion in our public program; and promotional support through our website and social media channels.

With over 400 events in our annual program, financial support for each event is decided on a case-by-case basis. In the submission form, you’ll be asked if your proposed project is self-funded. If your project is not self-funded, please let us know your proposed budget.


  • Call for proposals opens: Monday 2 July
  • Call for proposals closes: 11.59pm, Sunday 15 July Sunday 22 July
  • All applications responded to by: Monday 13 August
  • MPavilion season runs: 8 October 2018—3 February 2019


Please direct any enquiries to program@mpavilion.org. Before getting in touch, we encourage you to read these guidelines thoroughly, and to browse the MPavilion website to see if your query has already been answered.


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