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MTalks Jack Self: What it means to live today

Thu 5 Oct 2017, 6.00pm–7.00pm



2017-10-05 2017-10-05 Australia/Melbourne Jack Self: What it means to live today MPavilion MPAVILION

We are living through a period of intense global instability—one that is economic, environmental, social and political. It is an age dominated by precarious relationships and freelance employment, high rents, housing crises and the personal brand. In this context, it has never been more urgent to understand what it means to live today, in order to make a proposal for how we should live tomorrow.

Through several recent projects, London-based architect Jack Self (director, REAL foundation; editor-in-chief, Real Review magazine) will propose a new role for architectural design and thinking in the development of alternative models of ownership, postfunctional space, contemporary and sustainable forms of labour, and the formation of egalitarian socio-economic power relationships in housing.

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