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MTalks Grandstanding: A reconfigurable future

Tue 3 Oct 2017, 1.00pm–2.00pm


2017-10-03 2017-10-03 Australia/Melbourne Grandstanding: A reconfigurable future MPAVILION

Image courtesy OMA

Which spatial design configuration creates the best future? Let’s test it! MPavilion 2017 kicks off this year with a lunchtime event featuring some of Melbourne’s most influential architects, cultural leaders and design thinkers as they engage in quick-fire discussion and impassioned debate using this year’s configurable, amphitheatre-inspired MPavilion—designed by Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of OMA—as a moving stage.

Following an introduction by Koolhaas and Gianotten themselves, our speakers—guided by our multi-talented MC, Esther Anatolitis—will contest some of the big questions about our built environment, public space and the world that surrounds it. The audience will participate in active guidance and open judgement as we come together to reconfigure and test the senate, the theatre or the stadium that best generates a meaningful future.

Intrigued? Come along and be a part of the action—and look out for our speaker announcement in the weeks to come.

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