MPavilion creative director Jen Zielinska shares her top picks from the 2022 program

There’s no one who knows the MPavilion 2022 program better than our very own creative director Jen Zielinska.

Even though she’s heading into her 6th season, there are still plenty of eye-opening projects and firsts that get her out of bed in the morning (and on occasion keep her up at night!). To help you navigate the 250+ events on offer we asked Jen to share some of her top picks for the MPavilion 2022 season.


  1. Crown Ruler Presents the MPavilin Opening Party
    Surely the best start to any summer season is with a dance party?

    MMusic—Crown Ruler presents the MPavilion Opening Party
    Friday 9 December 2022

  2. The MPavilion Food Truck
    It has been a mammoth logistical challenge, but it’s a project that I have been scheming for a while. Our 2022 architect Rachaporn Choochuey had a vision of people coming together over food in the gardens at MPavilion, this was a huge motivation to finally bring the idea to life.
  3. Bauhaus Earth
    A super interesting initiative that transforms human settlements and buildings from a driver of climate and societal crises into creative forces for systemic regeneration—they’re very cool!

    MTalks—Bahuhaus Earth
    Monday 6 March 2023

  4. DJ 101: Party
    This is the first performance for the DJ 101 students to show off all that they have learned across the six-week DJ boot camp!

    MMusic—DJ 101: Party
    Friday 24 February 2023

  5. Floppy Architecture
    My new favourite kind of architecture! Leanne Zilka, whose work focuses on lightweight fabric-based structures, will make you question why buildings have ever been designed with anything more solid than wood.

    MTalks—Floppy Architecture
    Tuesday 7 March 2023

  6. Week of Weaving
    The events during this week are part of our program theme ‘Material Lab.’ It’s going to be very special to have such a variety of skilled craftspeople come and share knowledge about their practice whilst visitors get hands-on experience!
  7. Gender and Home Design: Creating Private Spaces for and by Women
    A powerful and much-needed conversation with Lisa Garner and Jennifer Kulas

    MTalks—Gender and Home Design: Creative Private Spaces for and by Women

    Saturday 11 March 2023

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