Gallery: MPavilion 2016 by Rory Gardiner

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London-based and Melbourne born, Australian photographer Rory Gardiner works in a photographic realm overtaken by the relative ease and undeniable immediacy of digital. Rory captures the world in analogue, carrying on the beautiful tradition of a photograph made by the simple yet wonderful process of light falling on sensitive, tangible film.

In this series commissioned for MPavilion 2016 (he also photographed Sean Godsell’s MPavilion 2014), Rory captures MPavilion—a place for communing, sharing ideas, reflection, experimentation and a space of architectural beauty—beautifully and with depth that could only be achieved through film. It makes sense for Bijoy Jain’s MPavilion, with its underpinning ethos of ‘lore’, to be captured in a traditional medium.

Take a moment to enjoy the work of Bijoy Jain captured in the impeccable photography of Rory Gardiner.

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