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Ying Que

Ying Que is a cultural anthropologist in Utrecht, Netherlands, working cross-disciplinary as a cultural producer, researcher and writer with a focus on collaborative practice. Her practice is strongly informed by artistic and curatorial research. She is a part of Read-in collective, teaches at the anthropology department of Utrecht University and has been active in the anti-racist and feminist circles in the Netherlands as a community organiser and mediator since 2012. She has a special interest in pre-figurative (feminist) politics and the decolonisation of Dutch history and education.

Ying’s curatorial practice is placed within political communities, in exchange with artists, cultural practitioners and stakeholders of specific communities. Her work is informed by and interested in artistic research from an anthropological perspective and community organising, strengthened by her past long-term research on the debates around the commons and the potential of local community economies. Her collaborative practice produces on the one hand experiments and propositions for non-capitalist futures and on the other contributes to community building and collective action. She works from an anarcha-feminist perspective and is currently focused on the widespread demand for the decolonisation of the dominant knowledge economy and more specifically, the Dutch silenced colonial history of Indonesia.